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Even in Florida pipes can freeze and burst in your home or business. Make sure you get the restoration and dry out done correctly and that you are able to use your policy to its full advantage.  Damage from a burst pipe due to freezing can be extensive if not caught early.


frozenWater that sits in the pipe can be frozen by a sudden temperature drop and cause the water to expand and burst the pipe. This can cause water damage, don’t refer to this as a “flood” even mentioned casually calling your claim a “flood” can cause grief later in the process since there are separate policies for flood insurance. Make sure to refer to your issue as “water damage”.

Review your policy to see what you have covered currently, sometimes a policy will only cover the damage if the property or business has is maintained at a certain temperature range or has a security system installed. Determine if the policy will cover the cost of the damaged pipes themselves or only the damage caused by the burst pipe. Typically you may find that policy holder will have to pay to repair the damage pipes.

Some of the trickier aspects of the process can be juggling the responsibility of getting estimates from contractors to fix the work without getting price gouged. It is possible to negate this issue by adding verbiage to any work authorization stating: “any billing is subject to an agreement and approval by the insurance company.” This won’t sit well with some contractors but it protects you and your interests.

This due diligence will help you when dealing with the insurance company as well, usually policies will pay for work that is deemed “reasonable and necessary” so any exorbitant estimates or price gouging will be scrutinized.  Keeping good records of all the work and meetings that take place will help your claim. Using email to confirm instructions and commitments with contractors and other vendors will help clarify any questions at a later date.

frozen2You need to also make sure to keep your property in good standing regarding needed repairs. If you leave your property and don’t take measures to protect against frozen pipes and damage occurs the insurance agency may not cover your damages due to “negligence” this includes old and corroded pipe as well.  HDG Public Adjusters can help you navigate these tricky aspects of a frozen pipe claim.



How can I help prevent freezing pipes in my home or business:

  • Make sure your gutters are clean so falling leaves and debris can wash away
  • In cases of emergency you can leave your facuets to drip to allow for running water which helps prevent freezing.
  • Make sure your dwelling is heated to a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keep cabinet doors below sinks in bathrooms and kitchens open to help circulate air and keep them warmer
  • If you will be away for a long period of time, drain your water system and disconnect your washing machine
  • Don’t leave garden hoses connected install covers on the hose bibs instead
  • Know where your main water shut off is for your dwelling and the shut off to your water heater in case of emergency
  • Help prevent freezing by wrapping external exposed pipes and internal pipes near walls with pip insulation

How to check for freezing pipe incidents:

  • Let a lukewarm faucet drip slowly to help minimize the freezing effects
  • Reduced water flow can be a sign of freezing in the pipes
  • Monitor the pressure in your pipes before you sleep and when you awake
  • Examine your pipes around the exterior of the house for damage

What do I do if a pipe freezes?

  • You can use a hair dryer in a SAFE PLACE (not around standing water) to thaw the pipe
  • Heating water on the stove to use for soaking towels, wrap the towels around the pipe to help thaw quicker
  • Start warming the pipe nearest the faucet so the water can drip out when melted

What should I do if  pipe bursts?

  • Shut off the main water value to the dwelling
  • If you can determine that the hot water pipe has burst be sure to shut off your hot water heater as well
  • Call a plumber and think about using HDG Public Adjusters to help you with the upcoming claim